2015 Week 5 Progress Report

I feel like I’m getting nowhere with my goals. I guess maybe I just have a bad case of the winter blahs, but I’m disappointed with how weak I feel, I’m disappointed that the weather has kept me from running, and I’m disappointed with my lack of genuine weight loss progress. I know that last one is completely my own fault, too. I’m eating too much junk. I’m eating too much bread. I’m eating too much period, especially for the lower amount of physical activity I’ve been getting. I’m not going to see progress until I make some changes, and, while maybe this is the pain I’m still in talking, I honestly don’t seem to have the willpower to make them now. I’m stuck, and I hate it.

I know I need to cut down on the bread, though this is hard when you like bread and your family tempts you constantly by suggesting it in some form or another for nearly every meal. English muffins, bagels, or tortillas for breakfast, panini for lunch, and pizza or burgers for dinner. Bread, bread, and bread. Chocolate, too, is always available. Then there’s the donut celebration at the slightest hint of good news. Oh. My. God. Losing weight in this house is like trying to learn to surf in a desert…the environment makes the job nigh impossible.

I hated posing for a photo this week. We couldn’t find good lighting in the house, so we finally went outside where it was uncomfortably cold. This is the closest I could come to a genuine smile:


This week’s summary looks like this:

  • Weight lost: 1.5 pounds this week (1.4 pounds since the start of the year) Still bouncing around the same few pounds of variation, no real progress
  • Fitness, only 4.6 hours total, which is better than last week:
    • No runs. The weather isn’t allowing it. Snow, ice, and really gosh darn cold.
    • 4 MMA classes. Would have been 6, but for my shoulder injury
    • 2 strength training sessions, because I’m counting shoveling snow as a strength workout.
  • Food: Not great. Not terrible. Some cheats, but mostly clean.
  • Financial: Well, The Hub was hired, so we’ll soon return to having two sets of paychecks coming in. That’s nice, but I don’t want to return to spending the way we had been. The savings took quite a hit and needs to be replenished. Groceries this week were a little higher than I would have liked, but that included stocking up a few emergency supplies that wound up being necessary for this storm…however, we’ll have them for the next one, and it’s not like toilet paper goes bad. The Hub needed some new suits for the new job, which is a more formal business environment, and that involved dropping a painful pile of cash on clothing for him. A necessary evil, and I guess we did well enough by making the purchase during a one day sale (although it seems like there’s always a one day sale somewhere, you know?).

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