Ship’s Log–February 2nd, 2015


Today I got older. Happens every stinking year. This year, I got a winter storm for my birthday. The day started out with modestly cold rain, but then after lunch the temperature plummeted and it iced for a solid hour. I had to pour boiling water on our gate latches to get out of the yard! Thing 1 and I quickly threw down some ice melt just before the storm switched gears again, and it began to snow heavily. We got a surprise three inches in an hour and a half on top of the 1/4″ of ice.

It was pretty, but I was glad when I learned that the dojo was canceling evening classes so that I had no temptation to go drive in it. I was able to get some physical activity in shoveling the snow…it always amazes how it doesn’t feel like that much work, and then I get inside and realize that I sweat through my clothing because I was working so hard.

Today’s eating wasn’t great at all, especially in the afternoon. There was a lot of snacking going on, which I didn’t beat myself up about because, hey, it’s my birthday and I’ll snack if I want to. Tomorrow, though, I am going to drop the hammer on myself. I want to be down ten pounds by the end of February, which is going to be my birthday present to myself.

Distance to goal weight: 23.8 pounds


  • 40 minutes shoveling snow


  • Whole grain tortilla with scrambled egg, vegan bacon, wilted greens, and Daiya shreds
  • 1/2 grapefruit broiled with sliced strawberry
  • Coffee with vanilla soy milk

Morning Snack:

  • Peppermint tea


  • Buffalo wing tempeh
  • Kale salad
  • Homemade soy mochaccino

Afternoon Snacks:

  • Hummus and salsa with pretzel chips, crackers, and carrots
  • Hot chocolate with two marshmallows (after shoveling)


  • Waffled empanadas (crescent roll dough stuffed with Beyond Meet ground beef, mole sauce, and Daiya cheddar, and cooked on the waffle iron)
  • Mixed greens with tequila lime vinegar and blood orange olive oil
  • Cream Stout
  • Small dish of chocolate chips, raisins, and almonds

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