Ship’s Log–February 5th, 2015


Tonight’s pizza is completely on me. I’m the one who suggested it. Tonights classes burned me out, and when I climbed my tired, sore body into the car at 8:10 to drive home, I knew there was no way I was cooking anything. I sent The Hub out for pizza, and i enjoyed every bite.

Distance to goal weight: 25.4 pounds. Thanks, late night chips and beer.


  • 10 push ups, sit ups, and squats
  • 1 hour BJJ
  • 45 minutes MMA


  • Whole grain tortilla with 2 scrambled eggs, vegan bacon, Daiya cheddar, and wilted greens (about 300 calories, give or take)
  • Whole fruit juice: banana, strawberries, blackberries, orange, frozen cherries, flax and chia seed, and water
  • Coffee with vanilla soy milk

Morning Snack:

  • Peppermint tea


  • Tempeh and shiitake mushrooms in Buffalo sauce
  • Kale salad
  • Coffee with vanilla soy milk

Afternoon Snack:

  • Apple with peanut butter and brown rice syrup
  • Chocolate mint tea with vanilla soy milk
  • Pre-classes Snickers Bar, because it’s been working, gosh darn it.


  • Grandma’s pie pizza
  • Mixed greens with balsamic vinegar and white truffle olive oil
  • Boston Ale
  • Small dish of tail mix

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