2015 Week 6 Progress Report

I’m starting to feel like I should be putting “Progress” in quotations all the time here. Between the snack attacks and the inability to get in my usual runs, there’s nothing resembling progress happening, at least towards my goal of dropping extra weight. I am feeling a bit closer to 100%, and I was able to make it through three rounds of double classes feeling stronger than I have yet this year. I am considering trying to go full Eat to Live again, which has worked in the past for weight loss, but is so restrictive in what you can’t eat that it is hard to maintain long term. Especially when you love chocolate.

I wish apples tasted like chocolate, really I do.


This week’s summary looks like this:

  • Weight lost: 1.2 pounds up this week
  • Fitness, 6.28 hours total:
    • No runs. The weather isn’t allowing it, again. Snow, ice, and really gosh darn cold.
    • 6 MMA/BJJ classes.
    • 2 strength training sessions, because I’m counting shoveling snow as a strength workout again this week
  • Food: Still not great. It needs to be great if I’m going to make any progress
  • Financial: This week’s grocery run was great. We spent just a bit over $204 on the weekend and another $12 midweek. That’s fabulous. We ate out twice (well, three times if you count bagels, which I should but generally don’t). I also spent a surprise $170 to register the whole family for a local five-mile race this spring. Spots for this race are extremely hard to get (like Springsteen tickets, they usually sell out within minutes), and I was amazed that we managed to snag four bibs. Training will begin just as soon as the trails are mostly free of ice, as opposed to mostly covered with ice.

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