2015 Week 7 Progress Report

I am so discouraged. It’s like my body has a set point for what it wants to weigh, and that’s all there is to it. Every week it’s the same…I seem to be making some progress midweek, but then it evaporates by Saturday. I really expected better from this week, what with all the damn beans and greens, but nope. It seems that the only way I’m going to shed weight is to cut calories so low that I won’t have the energy to fuel my workouts, which is not healthy.

The disappointment is really demotivating. I would rather shift my focus to getting stronger and faster and in less pain then constantly feeling let down by that number on the scale. I’m about ready to give up on losing weight for a while, at least until I can run again. Though since it just started snowing again, it could be a while before my trails are clear of ice:


This week’s summary looks like this:

  • Weight lost: .3 pounds up. Up, up we go.
  • Fitness, 6.38 hours total:
    • No runs. Again. The weather still isn’t compliant. Snow, ice, and really gosh darn cold. Again.
    • 7 MMA/BJJ classes.
    • 1 strength training sessions. I would have been two, but Thursday night’s MMA class included a short circuit session at the end that killed me.
  • Food: I tried focusing on eating salad and beans every day. There was no discernible result, other than being a bit windier than usual.
  • Financial: This week’s grocery run was expensive. We spent $355, which is way beyond my target. I have no real explanation, but it seemed that since The Hub is employed again, everyone felt comfortable slipping extra stuff into the cart…but just because he’s got a job doesn’t mean it’s okay to be wasteful. I want to go the Europe next summer, and that means I have to rebuild our savings now.

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