Week 10 2015 Progress Report

This week I was invited to participate in an all girl’s jujitsu class taught by another dojo in our larger BJJ family. Thing 1 and I spent an hour rolling with a new set of women and learned two new moves, which was a treat. This class furthered my conviction that all girls should learn at least a little jujitsu…there’s something to be said for knowing what to do when your flat on your back with someone between your legs who you didn’t invite there.

The class was an unusual experience for me for another reason: I was treated by many of the other students, all white belts and mostly really new white belts at that, like I was an expert because of my blue belt. I can fall prey to imposter syndrome and worry that I don’t really deserve my rank, so it was a shock to be treated like I am more powerful and skilled than I think myself to be. I guess I just tend to focus on how much more I have to learn and accomplish rather than sit around patting myself on the back for where I am, something which I do both on the mat and in life in general.

I will never feel like I’m done improving, done learning, or done growing. Wherever I am, there’s always going to be a higher level to reach for.


This week’s summary looks like this:

  • Weight lost: 0.8 pounds up. Dammit.
  • Fitness, 7.33 hours total:
    • No runs. Still. But the thaw is coming, most likely this coming week.
    • 7 MMA/BJJ classes.
    • 2 strength training (snow shoveling) sessions
  • Food: All good except for the Girl Scout Cookies.
  • Financial: OK, again. Groceries were just a bit over budget again.

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