Week 13 Progress Report

This was a rough week. Thing 2 fell ill with a high fever, sore throat, and a bad cough. He didn’t make it into school even once all week. He went through two different antibiotics. Poor kid could barely eat. Having him home in that shape was not fun for either of us…he alternated between suffering and boredom, and I hated seeing him deal with both.

Thankfully I was at least on the mend. I managed to get my workouts back on schedule, even squeezing in two runs. I did not find time to also do my strength training work…I’m not sure how I am going to manage fitting that in without burning myself out. That is going to take some careful planning. Given the choice, though, I will choose running first, since that gives me joy. My work at the dojo includes a lot of body weight moves, so I can make do with that until I feel energetic enough to up my workout load overall.

My eating was about 50-50 this week. I did well with breakfasts, sticking to my plan of having at least two breakfasts be high-protein smoothies with nothing else, which involved bringing Vega One back into my life. I had thought for a while that my weight creep might be due to this powder, but several months away from it has shown that the Vega One is not my problem (girl scout cookies and locally made bespoke donuts and vegan cake form the local natural market are more likely to blame). Lunches were ok, thought I did allow myself potato chips at least twice this week. Dinners were less successful, with too many of them being based on packaged convenience foods.

Next week I am simply not going to buy much of that sort of thing, so it won’t be an option. This badass lady needs to get herself leaner and meaner for the upcoming running season:


This week’s summary looks like this:

  • Weight lost: Up 2.1 pounds. I think it’s all water, in part due to pizza and beer Friday evening, but also because I didn’t finish my antibiotic until Thursday. My body still has some recovery to do from last week’s illness
  • Fitness, 6.11 hours total:
    • 2 runs, for a total of 7.86 miles
    • 6 MMA/BJJ classes.
    • 0 strength training sessions. Maybe next week
  • Food: I honestly tried to eat better this week, though it was pretty far from ideal. I’m still feeling a bit run down, especially in the evening, and so there was a fair amount of convenience foods, sugary treats, and dining out happening.
  • Meditation: 1 20 minute session

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