Week 14 Progress Report

For the first time in too many weeks, I hit my running goal. My pace was slower than I wanted. My legs were sore as hell come Friday. But my total mileage was finally back up over 9, which is progress.


  • Weight lost: Down 2.3 pounds. All water.
  • Fitness, 4.8 hours total:
    • 3 runs, for a total of 10 miles
    • 4 MMA/BJJ classes.
    • 1 short strength training session. Better than nothing.
  • Food: Great until Friday, when it fell apart. It seems I do well on “regular week days” and horrible on weekends and holidays. This bodes ill for next week, when the kids are home for Spring Break.
  • Meditation: 5 sessions, ranging from 16 minutes to 24 minutes

2 thoughts on “Week 14 Progress Report

  1. Four years ago when I first shed all the pregnancy weight, I had made daily mediation part of my life. I haven’t been doing it so much, but I realized that the stress management it offered probably had a lot to do with my ability back then to control my stress eating, so it seems smart to get back into it.

    It’s really hard to meditate with the kids in the house, though. This week I’m using my big ass headphones to block out the whining.

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