Week 16 2015 Progress Report

My plan for this week was to cut back on carbs, specifically bread, to see if that would help. That didn’t last at all. Sunday morning our local bagel shop choose our family to be their customer of the week, which came with free bagels for the entire week.

Bagels every day was the exact opposite of what I had in mind, but I figured I would just go with it and try the low-bread thing the following week. I hoped to at best not gain weight. Other than the daily bagel, I focused on bread-free meals, including lots and lots of salad. I made sure to work out daily. By the end of the week, I was surprised to see my weight down nearly a pound. I guess bagels aren’t an automatic sentence to weight gain. I think knowing that my days were starting with something I felt was a bit naughty helped me stay on track for the rest of the day.


This week’s summary looks like this:

  • Weight lost: Down .9 pounds.
  • Fitness, 6.83 hours total:
    • 3 runs, for a total of 13.2 miles
    • 5 MMA/BJJ classes.
    • 1 MMA circuit training class
  • Food: Pretty good overall. Lots bagels balanced with lots of greens.

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