Progress Report: Weeks 18 through Whatever Week This Is (41, Maybe?)


So…long time, no post. I was getting tired of posting about my lack of progress, which is probably because as a modern American woman, I am prone to define my fitness progress solely by the number on the scale. By that measure, I have still made no progress.

However, my daughter took this photo of me this morning as we headed out for a 13 mile training run. I look like quite the fit badass. This moment says more about my physical conditioning than any scale, and that got me thinking about why I haven’t posted anything here in a long, long, long while.

Progress can and should be defined through metrics other than just weight. I have so far this year run a total of 455 miles. I have logged a total of 217 workouts, for a total of 244 hours spent sweating. The whole family advanced to second degree black belt. I have sold several photos for actual, real money, making me something of an actual professional photographer, if only marginally so. I have had solar panels installed on my house, bringing my family much closer to the green living ideal we’re aiming for. There’s been oodles of progress going on, but I didn’t want to blog about it because the scale wasn’t moving.

For the rest of this year, I’m going to try to post weekly progress updates that are focused more on the things that really count, like next weekend’s BJJ testing and the upcoming half marathon. Maybe I’ll even get back to sharing some recipes, like the good old days, once the intense race training ends and I have time to cook awesome food. Maybe we’ll have a little conversation about solar power, now that my system is up and running.

But I’m not going to talk about weight anymore, because when I focus on that, I don’t want to talk at all.

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