Ship’s Log 2/4/2016: Almost Human


I’ve hit that stage of recovering from illness where people who drop by the house say things like: “You’re looking better! You SOUND better!” And I do feel a good deal better, though not 100% yet. It seems that the efforts to clean my eating up are paying off.

Today I might even have tried to get through a class at the dojo if I didn’t have to work, though I suspect I would have gassed out quickly. Almost better isn’t the same thing as completely better, and I have begun to wonder if part of the current cycle of nearly constant unwellness is due in part to my tendency to rush back into my workout routine when I’m feeling almost better. A few more days of recovery is probably a good idea.

Here’s what I used to fuel my recovery yesterday:

  • Breakfast: Silk soy yogurt with banana, blueberry, and homemade granola; coffee with vanilla soy milk
  • Morning Snack: Peppermint, bee balm, and ginger tea with honey
  • Lunch: Black bean and chipotle tofu on salad; coffee with soy milk and sugar in the raw (the Hub had ordered me a soy milk only coffee at the local place, but the person making my coffee decided that I wanted a whole lot of sugar in there anyway. I’m too cheap to throw out a full cup of pricey coffee just to avoid the 30 calories of sugar)
  • Afternoon Snack: Apple with almond butter; another cup of coffee with vanilla soy milk (because of the inevitable sugar crash)
  • Dinner: leftover minestrone and whole wheat pita pocket with a slice of Daiya swiss; green tea with chipotle honey
  • Late Night: carrots with hummus; spiced hot toddy

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