Ship’s Log 2/18/2016: F*&k

IMG_4642Pardon my language. I’m sick again, and not the “Gosh, I feel a little under the weather sick,” but “Did anyone get the license plate number of the truck that hit me” sick.

In an admission of defeat I slunk in to see my doctor. She thinks it’s strep, though she isn’t bothering to test since she would give me the same antibiotic even if the test came back negative. Once I’m done with the anti-biotic, I’m going back in for blood work to see if there’s something else going on which could be causing me to get sick so frequently, as 5 times in 3 1/3 months is pretty dramatic, especially for me.

The most likely cause, though, is that my immune system is suppressed because my heart is broken over the fairly recent loss of my dog. I haven’t been…right…since she was first diagnosed with incurable cancer, and her death haunts me. My full treatment then includes getting back to running once I’m well enough, since running does more for my mood than anything else, having more fun,  and occasionally giving in to my inner five year old to make her happy.

Here’s what I ate today:

  • Breakfast: Smoothie; whole wheat toast with almond butter and raspberry jam; coffee with vanilla soy milk
  • Morning Snack: Green tea with ginger honey
  • Lunch: Red lentil soup; 1/2 pita with Daiya provolone and tofurky; coffee with vanilla soy milk
  • Afternoon Snack: Peppermint and bee balm tea with honey; rice cake with peanut butter and blueberries
  • Dinner (made for me by my kids, since by then I had a fever of 101 and was in no shape to cook): whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce and vegan sausage crumble; hot toddy

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