About the Authors

Allison Coffin is a municipal land use planner in suburban New Jersey, where she specializes in redevelopment and smart growth. What that means is she’s all about finding new ways for people to use the land they have in more efficient, more intelligent and more conscientious ways. Alli is also a work-at-home mom with a bo-black belt in MMA who runs half marathons, brews her own beer, knits her own scarves (poor, alas) and bakes the best cookies in Monmouth County. For her, life in the burbs is all about making your home the kind of place you don’t want to take a vacation from. This website is her story.

Fiona Coffin is Alli’s daughter, a seventh grade student, bo-black belt in MMA, and an accomplished runner. She is also learning new kitchen skills, and makes the meanest whole grain waffles you’ve ever had.

3 thoughts on “About the Authors

  1. Hi Alli,
    I have been on a quest to find the “perfect career” for myself for quite sometime. I believe I am close to figuring out what that job might be, but I am still not completely there.
    I ran across your blog about a week ago and just spent the last 45 minutes trying to find you again because I would really like to learn more about your career. It sounds like a very meaningful and stimulating job.
    I am now going to subscribe to your blog to cut down on my time spent looking for you in the future. LOL
    Thank you so much, Dawn

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